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 Autobiographical Novels And Their Cousins -- by Geoffrey Fowler
Thursday, 14 Oct at 17:10

It has become a truism that writing in first-person offers more intimacy than third-person. But any mention of intimacy in writing raises the question, How is it expressed and in what genres or types? Some candidates are straight autobiography, fictional autobiography also known as autobiographical fiction as well as memoir and biography. All can offer intimacy of different kinds and in varying degrees.

This list can be broadened to include autobiographical novels, a.k.a. autobiographical fiction. All can offer intimacy to varying degrees. There is only space to touch on a few of these here.  [more...]
Response from Geoff 21 Oct at 01:07
I can't follow you, maybe you should try reading the blog before you make further comments.  [read all 2 responses...]

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