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First, hit 'new manuscript' to start your chart.

Type in the info you need — title, description, and charting by WC, keystrokes, etc. Hit send.

This brings you to progress graph, and you'll see the name of your work and the chart.

Go to progress goals. Set a goal, hit 'add point'.

Go to numeric table. Write in what you accomplished each day (keystrokes, WC, etc). Hit add point.

This will take you back to Progress Graph and you should see a red line for your goal, and a blue line for your progress.

You can now add more daily WC on Numeric table (it will automatically fill in the accumulated amounts in the second box for added entries) and hit 'add point', or you can add another goal in addition to the first one under Goals (make sure you change the date for the second goal).

**Please note that non premium members can only have one manuscript tracked for progress at once. To have full access to this feature with multiple novels tracked, please consider Premium or Premium Gold membership.

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The Outlining Workshop in the Toolchest can be an extremely powerful tool for helping you to create characters for your stories.

It can be a daunting task to build characters and maintain consistency throughout the story. The Outlining Workshop can help you in both areas.

Each character is set forth as a series of facts such as "height", "hair length", "religion", etc. and after going through the workshop with your character it is inevitable that you have gotten to know him or her better.

The data is kept here on Critique Circle for you to look up and edit at any time. You can also print it out for quick reference.

To Add a new character (any type of outline) to the Workshop, click "Add Outline" from the toolbar. You are now presented with the "Outline Creation" screen. If this is a character then you can insert a name for your character, specify which story he is in and add a short comment for you to better identify him later.

You don't have to fill out the fields and this information can be changed at any time.

What you will have to do, however, is specify a template upon which to base this outline on. There are several public templates available, both from the Administrators and Premium Members. You can click on the associated "view" link to view details regarding each template.

Once you click "Create Outline" your character is created and you can start to add information about him.

Premium Members are able to add an unlimited number of outlines while standard users have a maximum of two concurrent characters (if you delete an outline you will be able to start a new one).

Premium Members can also create their own templates and adopt existing templates to their needs through the "Outline Templates" page. To better understand how that works we recommend that you try to create a template from scratch and follow the simple instructions outlined at the bottom of the page.

We recommend you watch the Outlining Workshop tutorial:

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When reading a story, you will notice a little bookmark icon on the left margin text.

This icon will show you how far you've progressed in the text in percentage and if you click it, a story bookmark will be added in this spot.

The next time you go into this story it will automatically scroll there for you to continue.

This works across sessions and devices so you can start to read a story on your ipad and then easily continue on your desktop.

These story bookmarks show up on a special Bookmarked Stories box on the front page giving you easy access to the story.

You can also bookmark a story for later reading by clicking on the Bookmark story or Add bookmark links in the story pages or in the popup that appears when you hover over a story title. These links will typically have this icon: 

If you would like to remove a bookmark, go to Stories, My Stories, choose Bookmarked Stories and click on the X where it says remove bookmark.

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Yes. Just use your browser's zoom functionality.

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